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The Most Prolific Director in the World Today

YUKAKA IKEJIMA (aka Mr PINK) is the most prolific film director in the world today. And yes, I know you haven’t heard of him. Not because he’s from Japan, but because he works in the almost secret world of Japanese PINK FILMS , or PINK EIGA.  With every movie shot and cut on film and in the PINK theater chains 2 weeks after the first day of shooting, it’s hard to believe these films cost between $20K- $30K.

Each movie is distributed throughout the PINK theaters (mainly to tired business men waiting for the trains to empty out before they go home), and only distributed in Japan. The first time Mr PINK visited the USA he was honored at the inaugural BOOBS & BLOOD International Film Festival in Los Angeles at the New Beverly Cinema.

The big question is are these films porn? And the answer is categorically NO. PINK EIGA is the place young directors go to learn the business of real filmmaking. Just as they did for ROGER CORMAN in the 1970’s in the US. Many PINK directors go on to have amazing careers in the legitimate film world (YOJIRO TAKITA directed the 2009 Oscar winning “DEPARTURES”).

Some directors like to stay in the more creative world of PINK EIGA. Mr PINK is one of those – floating in it and directing over 120 features – all on film – since 1988.

And his fans (a mix of retired teachers, businessmen and artists) follow him everywhere in the world.